The Round Denmark Bike Race and Gravel Race 2023 and Challenge ride

Registration will open on the 1st. of February 2023 at 12:00 CET.

The scenic cycling race around Denmark:

  • The road race is 1964 km and the Gravel race is 1976 km.
  • Start of both races will be on Sunday the 9th of July 2023, at 8:00 am, in Helsingør (Elsinore).
  • Five ferries - large and small.
  • A mix of road surfaces - asphalt, gravel, dirt, cobblestone and sand.
  • A total of 8.658 m(road) or 10.5959 m (gravel) of climbing plus wind, heat, cold and rain.
  • The road race has about 130 km of gravel rideing, to get riders away from very busy roads. The gravel race has a little more than 584 km of gravel riding.
  • Suitable for experienced riders wanting to try long distance unsupported racing for the first time. Or experienced gravel riders.
  • Limited to a maximum of 30 riders for the road edition and 20 riders for the gravel edition.

The 'Round Denmark Bike Race' is a non-profit unsupported bike race. There are no commercial interests involved in the race. All members, of the planning team and behind the scenes race jury, are volunteers and do not get paid for their hard work. The race was concieved during the spring of 2017, run in 2018, and has now been improved through feedback from some of the 2018/19/22 riders.

Denmark has a long tradition of bicycle touring. The next logical step would be an unsupported bike race, which would visit some of the same beautiful places as bike tourists normally go.

The race runs all the way around the major parts of Denmark. The lack of mountains is compensated by the sheer beauty of the Danish lanscapes. The routes are laid out on rolling hills, along the ocean coast and through traditional fishing towns, farmland and forests. Riders will be challenged by winds, rain, heat, cold, gravel roads, cobblestones and sand along the coastal roads and hills on the way inland through the Jutland (Jylland in Danish) peninsula.

Untraditionally, for an unsupported bike race, five different ferries have to be used during the race as well as the different road surfaces. This puts an extra dimension on timing the race perfectly to fit the schedule of the ferry crossings. More can be read about the ferries in the Athlete Guide.

The official 2023 route is a slightly changed version of the 2018 and 2019 routes.

Round Denmark Bike Challenge

A "fitness holiday challenge"

The 'Round Denmark Bike Challenge' is for all those, who can not or do not want to participate in the Round Denmark Bike Race for one reason or another - like non-competitive fitness riders. Or those, who would like to take on the challenge as a small group. You might not want to do a race, but would still like to challenge yourself while having time for sightseeing. Or would like to stay in one place for more than one night. You will still get a time limit of 30 days to complete the entire course - which should be enough time for most people - Even those less fit.

A Challenge will not be timed by race offcials. There is no demand for online tracking or a SPOT tracker. Each rider must record their own ride, on their bike computer, and send in links to services like Garmin Connect, Strava, other online services - or sending fit files as proof of completion. As well as taking selfies at specific predetermined locations on route - those can be seen on the Challenge page. The proof, of finishing the ride, and selfies have to be emailed to raceofficials after finishing the Challenge.

When completion is approved, Challenge finishers will be posted on the Challenge Finisher page - with name, country, date of completion, what bike has been ridden and the best selfie taken. A diploma (pdf format), of completion, will be emailed to each finisher.

Registration is closed.