Before you even consider to registering for the race, study the following thoroughly - as well as the Rules and Athletes Guide. You, and you alone, are responsible for your own safety on course:

1. The Round Denmark Bike Race has never been advertised as an asphalt only race. It is a challenge that will throw a little of everything your way.

The actual riding is a little more than 1800 km - about 130 km, of these, are on gravel roads - to lead away from the most dangerous and busy roads, where the risk of getting hit by a car is imminent due to the lack of bicycle paths. These gravel roads are also the ones used extensively by cycle tourists in Denmark. They can be nicely compacted, with small pebble stones, or they can be sandy or with bigger stones - or anything in between.

The gravel race has more than 600 km of gravel roads.

There are two minor sections of cobblestones in Sønderborg and Møgeltønder. The total distance, of the cobblestones, is about 920 m.

Consider if you have adequate bike handling skills, to ride these sections of gravel and cobblestone roads, before you register and study the route thoroughly.

You will also have to get over some minor obstacles - like a couple of sheep fences and gates at the southwestern dykes of Jylland (Jutland). And there are some crossing chains at the start of some of the gravel roads, to keep cars out, in the northern parts of Jylland (Jutland). These obstacles are described in the Athletes Guide. This does not imply, that other obstacles can NOT turn up, on the route, until racestart. Not everything can be predicted - including roadworks and the likes.

Consider if you have the right bike and cycle gear. If you do not have appropriate cycle gear or concerns about the route, do not register. You, and you alone, are responsible for your own bike setup. It is not in the scope, of race organizers, to recommend any specific type of bike or cycle gear, since this is very individual and has unlimited possibilities.

2. The route is aimed at experienced riders, who wish to try a long distance unsupported race for the first time - giving them a mix of road surface experiences. This means having a solid base of training over several years - including riding on gravel and cobblestones. Absolute beginners are not advised to take on the course. You need good bike handling skills and experience with the different road surfaces.

As something new, since the 2019 race, you will be required to supply a link to a ride or training session, you have done, that is at least 100 km or longer - and not from a stationary bike or hometrainer. It may not be more than six months old. It can be a link to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect or whatever online services you use. If you do not use any of the online services, you will be required to supply a FIT file of the ride - it has to include your heart rate numbers. If you can not supply this link or file, you will not be accepted to take part in the race.

3. You have to read the Waiver of Liabilities before you register. If you are not willing to sign this document prior to racestart, you should not register for the race and will not be able to start. You are willingly entering a race where there is a risk of injury or even death - like on any other ride you do in or out of race. Raceofficials are not responsible for how you conduct yourself on a bike, if you get enough to eat, drink or rest to stay alert, or how drivers behave on the streets. It is your responsibility, and your responsibility only, to ride as safely as humanly possible. It is your responsibility to judge a particular section and take necessary steps to prevent any injuries - you have to ride according to your abilities - and scratch from the race, if you find your abilities or awareness inadequate to handle the course in a safe manner. It is also your responsibility to be properly insured - both with regard to health and liabilities.

You will have to answer a multiple choice test, to prove, that you have read the Rules and the Athlete's Guide before registering. If you can not answer the questions correctly, you will not get permission to race until you have answered them correctly. These questions are the first part of the registration form.

4. You also have to read and sign the Personal conduct declaration before you can start the race. If you do not agree on it's content, do not register for the race. You will not be permitted to start without signing it.

5. It is mandatory to read and know the rules of the race, and the Danish Traffic Act for bicycles (as stated in the Athletes Guide). If you do not agree on the rules, do not register for the race.

6. It is mandatory to participate in the racebriefing - which is situated close to where the race starts the day after - see the Athletes Guide. So make sure you are in Helsingør, at the latest around noon on the 8th. of July, 2023. Racebriefing starts at 13:00 o'clock sharp. If you get there too late, you will not be able to participate in the race. If you do not want to participate in the racebriefing, do not register for the race. You will not get permission to start without your participation in the briefing.

Have you done the above? If not, go ahead and do it. If it has not discouraged you, and you still think "This is just the right challenge for me" and you would like an experience of a lifetime, by all means go ahead and register. We look forward to seeing you here in Denmark.

Registration for the 2023 race is closed.

Registration 2024:

Registration, for the 2024 races, will open on the 1st. of February 2024 - and closes on the 30th of April 2024, at 12 noon CET. There will be no late entries for the 2024 race.

The registration process consists of two sections - a multiple choice test, based on the contents of the Ahtletes Guide, Rules and Waiver of Liabilities - and the actual registration of your personal informations. All multiple choice questions have to be answered correctly or you will be asked to do it again.

The first 30 riders to answer the multiple choice questionnaire corectly and supply proof of an above 100 km ride, will have reserved a slot on the 2024 roster. Riders beyond the 30 slots, who fulfill our criterias, will get on a waiting list. Often some drop out due to unforseen circumstances.